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Electrical Repair

Automobile Starting System is considered to be the heart of automobile electrical system. The starting system of an automobile includes those devices, which are used for initiating an engine of a vehicle.  Once the key is put into the ignition switch then the current pass through battery cables to starter motor. 

The major components of Electrical System in a car are:

1. Power Generator - Alternator / Dynamo

2. Power Bank - Battery

3. Engine firing - Ignition Coil / Fuel pump switch

4. Cooling Fans

5. Air-Con Blower

6. Lighting - Head Lamps, Tail Lamps, Blinkers, Brake Lights etc.

7. Motor / Actuators - Wiper, Power Window etc.

8. On-Board Computer - ECU

9. Fuse Box / Relays

10. Combination Switch.

11. Peripherals Systems - like stereo, clocks, cabin lights, trunk lights.

12. Signal Transmission

13. Wiring

14. Starter Motor

Note: The electrical systems are very complex these days, even the throttle is electronically controlled and so is the fuel quantity to the engine. Cars today are fitted with too many electrical systems like LED screens, SatNav etc. Even the ABS works using electricity.

General Electrical Service
Circuit Testing and Troubleshooting
Fuse Box Service
Harness Repair
Regulator Repair
Relay Diagnosis & Repair
Sensor Diagnosis & Repair
Short Location & Repair
Voltage Regulator Repair

Lighting System & Bulb Service

Headlight Service
Headlight Alignment
Tail Light Service
Turn Signal Lamp Service
Brake Lamp Service
Fog Lamp Service
Interior Lamp Service

Operation System

Check Engine Light

SRS (air bag) Service and Repair

Cruise Control Service and Repair

PCU (Computer Control System)

Horn Repair

Instrument Cluster Repair

Heating and Air Conditioning
Heating System Service
Heated Seat Repair 
Climate Control System
Blower Motor & Fan Repairs

Entertainment System
Audio System Repair
Antennas & Antenna Masts
GPS System
Security System
Speaker Wiring Service